How to Get Straight Hair


straighthair There have been changing trends not just in clothing but in hairstyles as well. Over the years, different styles have been adopted and most women are eager to follow the trends of the day. The latest trend in hair styling and grooming appears to be straight stands.

Not all women have straight hair. It is more likely to be curly or wavy. Sporting straight hair is not difficult. One can either go to the salon to get the look or follow the following simple steps to achieve it at home.

Simple treatment

The treatment at home starts with using an anti-frizz shampoo, followed by gently squeezing the excess water of the hair. A hair serum is then applied to smooth down the hair.

A thicker serum is recommended for thicker hair. The next step is to divide the hair into 3 sections. These 3 sections need to be divided into 3 layers, top, middle, and base. With the help of a brush, start setting the lower layer by applying low heat directly on the hair.

Each section needs to be dried completely before starting with a new section. Finally, a cold air blast needs to be applied to set the hair in place.

Alternate treatment

More efficient home based treatments include using a straightening iron. These come in different varieties. The one best recommended is the ceramic straightener since there is even distribution of heat. Care should be taken not to singe the hair or use it improperly in such a way that it causes burn marks on the forehead!

Finally, if none of this helps, then try a salon treatment called reverse perm. This is a costly and time-consuming exercise, which needs frequent touch ups as the hair grows

Finally, complete the look by ensuring there is sheen to your hair. This makes the hair look straight and glossy.