How To Get Rid Of Redness & Keloid Scars

keloid scars removal

keloid scars removal Redness and the keloid scars are formed sometime after an injury. These keloid scars are made up of fibroblast cells that are responsible for the formation of the scar tissues.

There may be pain or itching along with a tingling sensation in the region of the keloid scars. They appear in the form of raised areas of skin in the form of bumps on the surface or nodules. Basically these keloid scars are some benign tumors that can be present anywhere on the surface of the body. This is how you can get rid of redness and keloid scars.

How to Get Rid of Redness & Keloid Scars

Application of Cold Compresses

Try to apply natural cold compresses on the area of the keloid scars so that they are gradually removed. You may place some used up tea bags in the refrigerator and then use them on the problem area or you may also try using ice bags.

Use Pressure Dressing

An injury tape or may be a pressure dressing can be firmly used on the area of the keloid scar. These medical applications are readily available at all the pharmacists and can be purchased quite easily enough. These injury tapes or the pressure dressing may be in the form of sheets of silicon, a medical tape or may be in the form of gel sheets.

First of all you should place the pressure dressing in a firm manner on the problem area and then covering up with the help of the injury tape or even a band aid. This medical tape will be able to keep the dressing in place stably on the area of the keloid scar.

This dressing need to be changed every day and you may keep it open for about an hour before covering it up with the help of a fresh dressing. Continue with this regime till you get rid of the problem thoroughly.

Application of the Cortisone Injection

A cortisone injection which is long acting can be used directly on the area of the keloid for getting rid of the redness and the keloid itself.

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This cortisone injection process is a long drawn out procedure which needs to be done once every month for several months. It takes a lot of time and patience in order to get the keloid to flatten up in a thorough manner before gradually disappearing.

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Going Through Cryosurgery

If the keloid is small and the skin is light in color then cryosurgery can be quite a good option. The process of cryosurgery makes the use of liquid nitrogen to completely freeze up the keloid and once frozen up thoroughly it is quite easy to remove up the keloid.

Use of Laser Surgery

You need to discuss thoroughly with your doctor regarding whether or not laser surgery for the removal of the keloid scar is a feasible option for you. Use of steroids and pressure dressing is done on the keloid area after surgery in order to prevent the reformation of the keloid.

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