How to Get Healthy Hair


Shampooing and conditioning aren’t the only things you need to do if you want a headful of healthy hair. Getting the hair you desire is going to take a serious commitment on your part.


You probably have been told that approximately eighty percent of your body is nothing more than water. What you might not have known is that each strand of your hair is 1/4th water. The water in your hair helps keep it shiny, soft, and supple. If you suddenly feel like your hair isn’t acting like itself, you should try drinking a few extra glasses of water each day and see if that makes a difference.


Just like protein is an important part of building muscle mass and increasing your overall strength, it is also an important part of your hair’s health. Your hair needs to get enough protein to maintain its strength. Hair that is lacking in protein is more prone to developing split ends. Foods that are great sources of protein include meat, fish, and chicken.


It wouldn’t hurt to take a multivitamin when you are trying to improve your hair’s overall health. In order to look its best, your hair needs a regular dose of the vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. The daily vitamin will allow your body to make sure that the roots of your hair get the proper ration of vitamins.


Make sure you get some exercise. You might not think that your hair wouldn’t care if you spent the day on your coach watching a movie instead of at the gym, but you would be mistaken. Because of the way the human body is designed, your scalp doesn’t always get the amount of blood it needs to keep your hair healthy.

When you get up and start exercising, you heart pumps harder and pushes more blood to the top of your head. In addition to exercise, it wouldn’t hurt to spend a couple of minutes each night with your head hanging off the side of the bed.

When you are outside in the sun, you should make sure that your hair is tucked into a hat. Long exposure to sunlight can cause your hair to fade and dry out. In addition to ruining your hair, prolonged exposure to the sunlight can leave you with a nasty sunburn on your scalp.