How to Get a Guy to Like You: 5 Things You Must Do!


impressguy If you like a guy and you really want to try something with him, but don’t know if he likes you back, then you should probably read this. Men are not that complicated if you start thinking about it, therefore the following tips will definitely help you in your quest.

Keeping the thoughts to yourself

Guys prefer girls they can figure out. Don’t make things unnecessarily complicated if there is no need for you to do so. Stop head games or turning things into complicated messes. Just keep things simple and you will definitely see the effects.

Be yourself

Ladies should not be ignoring this piece of advice. If you want someone to like you, then you should probably stop thinking about a way to behave. Be yourself and do not act like someone you are not. Thus, you will not appear phony to the man you like.

Letting the hair down

Depending on the man, you might want to keep your hair either up or down. Therefore, if you do not mind your hair getting dirty, then you should probably let the hair down.

During summertime, you can even invite the guy you like to go for a hike together. Lip gloss might be okay to apply, but it depends on the outdoor activities. Knowing the difference is the right skill.

Using the brain and being intelligent

When you are having a date with a woman who only likes to discuss celebrity gossip, you may have to change your topics. While you do not have to be a top scientist in the world, you should at least value something when you are having a conversation. Also, if you are interested in sports, it is a fun thing and you should consider striking a conversation on this subject.

Interesting hobbies

While many people have many interests in common, you should have conversations with the guy you like and ask him about his hobbies.

You will find interest in common hobbies, and also give an impression of you being a dynamic person and one who is fun to talk to. This means that you will likely find similar interests and then develop them.