How To Gain Weight Through Proper Diet

How To Gain Weight Through Proper Diet

How To Gain Weight Through Proper Diet

While the order of the day is the madness for becoming slim and trim, which might even lead to boney and skinny women, there are yet another set of women and mostly men who want to gain on their weight.  This trend is specially seen in case of young men, who feels dejected and suffer from inferiority complex due to lack of body mass. Even, very skinny women suffer from typical problems that hamper their feminine charm. They suffer underdeveloped bust line, undeveloped buts and even feeble constitution, which is at times, a thing friends mock of.

This is really depressing for them but at the same time when there are hundreds and thousands of measures are available for loosing weight and getting thin, the options of gaining body weight are seldom available. Before going for weight gain it is essential to analyze how much calorie and fat should you increase in your diet everyday to get your desired results. You have to target at least more than your usual calorific needs. There are certain hormone pills and steroids that do lead to body weight gain, but they ultimately have a lot of side effects and do not provide long term benefits. But good news for this category of people is that a few judicious plans show the results much faster than those aiming to loose fat.

How To Gain Weight Through Proper Diet

increase your calorific intake

The procedure is to start step by step and do not try to increase your calorific intake overnight. That would be detrimental and may cause stomach problems, diarrhea and other ailments. Instead, make a wise regime. For the first take a note of the food you eat. Note down the calorific value in each of the items you have consumed, so that you can plan your diet accordingly. Next week try gradually to increase your calorific intake to 300 calories. After the week take your weight. If you see a slight increase, a less as maybe 100 to 500 grams, it will mean the process in working. But if there is no change in your body weight, continue for another week with an increase in this calorific intake. In case your readings are positive, the third week will follow a 300 calorie increase again. At the end of the two weeks, and with the record of your body weight, the food you are consuming becomes a standard of what you should eat to maintain that weight. In the process you will further see weight gain, as the food consumption takes time to build fat in the body that becomes visible at a later stage.

fried food


While planning a weight gain, never gorge on to junk, over fried food and cold drinks. That is not at all a healthy way to pit on weight and will have its negative effects on health. Rather, list up the essential nutrients needed that assist in weight gain. First thing that can be done is to increase the intake of calories and fats in food. Caloric food gives out instant energy after they ate eaten and digested. On the other hand food rich in fat has a different mechanism. They get absorbed in the form of stored energy in the body and release energy in the later period. It is also important to identify the exact calorific requirement for you, as it varies from person to person on the basis on age, sex, metabolic rate, height, weight, activity type and level.Generally, the caloric requirement of an average male remains as 2200 per day if he is a light worker, while that of an average woman is 1900 per day. Thus a target has to be fixed to consume a calculated amount of at least around 2000 calories a day or above for male and for female around 1900 calories, to gain around half a kilo of weight in a week.

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Caloric food includes nuts like cashew, pistachio, almond, groundnut, peanuts, oilseeds like sesame seed, sunflower seed, etc., poppy seeds, fruits like mango, banana, dates, raisins, dry fruits etc. other forms of healthy calorific foods are oils used for cooking food, such as mustard oil, vegetable oil, safflower oil, groundnut oil, olive oil, etc., butter, cheese, sweets and confectionary items like pastry, cookies, fat filled biscuits, cream biscuits etc. jams and jelly, sugar and sugar based food.

ice creams

Increase your food intake per serving and divide your eating regime into five quarters a day. Be wise and choose high proteins in the form of dairy products like milk, yogurt, ice creams, puddings etc. along with beans, pulses, and refined cereals like flour, along with eggs, meat with fat and oily fishes along with vitamins, potassium, magnesium and other minerals in proper quantities. The objective behind increased intake of these major nutrients is that it helps in the building up of new muscles, retains health of the muscles, adds positive fat to body and increases body weight.

fruits and vegetables

Choose food that supply instant nutrients and calorie such as lots of fresh fruit juices, milk, chocolate beverages, shakes. Together, munching on to dietary fibers in the form of fruits and vegetables is also essential for healthy assimilation and bowel movements that trigger at improving overall health. High starch content foods like potatoes, rice, tapioca, corn starch increase the fats content in body. So it is advisable to include more and more of these items in your food if you are aiming to gain weight. These are the types of food that are rich in fats; which is essential for the cellular functions, protection of the vital organs in our body, production of hormones and provision of energy to the body.

soy beans

Include more of protein in your diet as it leads to muscle growth. Thus a protein recommendation of at least 5 to 6 servings a day is a must to maintain the protein-nitrogen balance in the body proper and gain weight. It can be in the form of animal proteins like meat, fish, eggs etc or other sources like dairy products, pulses, beans, sprout,
lentils, soy beans, etc.

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