How to French Kiss

A French kiss, especially the first one, is a delicate experience which will linger on in your memory. The female lips are the most erogenous parts and when men kiss the lips, it leaves an impression on the women. If your kiss is unique, she allows you to kiss her other parts as well.

Kissing skill is not restricted to your knowledge of moving your tongue in the mouth of the female, but it should extend to the whole mouth. The fundamentals of a French Kiss can be summarized as under:

1.Note how you hold her body when you kiss the woman. While holding the face firmly, let your tongue into the mouth and suck on her lips.

2. Watch how she kisses you, which is indicative of her desires. If she tries to gently bite you or suck your tongue, she may want you to do likewise.

3. Tell her you desires. If she tries to kiss you fast or slow, without using her tongue, tell her the way you like it.

4. When you kiss again, tenderly hold her face, kissing her exactly the way she likes it. If she isn’t turned on, use your tongue to raise her sensuality.

5. Let the kiss be long and slow; enticing kiss is always liked by females.

These are only fundamentals; to make a woman desire your kiss at all times, here are some tips:

1. Let your mouth suck her tongue, as if you were sucking her clitoris.

2. Tickle her lips by licking her, even wet her lips with saliva, let your lips move along the contour of her lips.

3. After arousing her sensuality, suck the lips. Don’t be rough, which may make her push you away.

4. Don’t be satisfied by merely kissing her lips and mouth. You should kiss her neck, breasts and chin; eyes, her wrists or bite the ears; try different ways of exiting her.

When she stays on with her eyes close after you have completed the kiss, she is suggesting that she liked the way you kissed her and is ready to let you move on to other parts of her body.