How To Fix Rotten Teeth

Ways To Fix Rotten Teeth

Ways To Fix Rotten Teeth

Rotten teeth are not only limited to oral problems but it also affects psychologically. Discomfort and abnormality are the companions of rotten teeth which are enough to push you in depth of mortification and long distress. It is important to take an intensive care of oral health to avoid especially rotten or decaying teeth problems. If some kind of discomfort and awkwardness are felt inside the mouth, it’s a sign of an alarming condition with indication of bad oral health. Before taking any chance, it is advised to see a specialist or dental hygiene provider.

Facts Behind Rotten Teeth

Rotten teeth or decaying teeth occur after bacterial growth inside mouth. Bacteria grow on the surface of teeth when there is no concern taken regarding oral health. Bad hygiene and food habits are the trigger points that bring on increased bacterial growth on the teeth surface in the form of plaque.  After eating, acid formation starts inside the mouth in presence of bacteria and it starts affecting the teeth by rotting or decaying.

Firstly bacteria star harming the tooth enamel and then reach the dentin for severe destruction. It is important to meet a dentist immediately for better handling of teeth problems. Early stands can eliminate the severity of the condition and it is also important for the reversal treatment options applied to fix it.

Options To Fix Rotten Teeth

There are ranges of options available for fixing a rotten tooth. The treatment options differ according to the requirement and condition of the teeth. Here are the mostly applied treatments to fix rotten teeth by a dentist or oral hygiene provider.

Dental Scraping Or Cleaning To Fix Rotten Teeth

Dental Scraping

If a clear plaque build-up is visible on the teeth surface, your dentist will advised you a dental cleaning to mitigate the risk of gingivitis. The procedure is important to visualize any hidden threat also like forming cavities, cracks and others. Dental scraping can also eliminate the starting risks of dental condition.

The dentist uses an instrument to scrape out the whole plaque formed on the teeth surface. Later a dye or whitener is used to treat the staining and discolouration problem. The whole procedure can be done in one sitting according to the condition of teeth. If the condition is severe, it can also be elongated as one more visit to dentist.

Fluoride Treatment To Fix Rotten Teeth 

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is also often to fix rotten teeth. The procedure of treatment varies according to the severity of teeth problem. Starting problem of rotting teeth can be treated with a proper routine suggestion in which fluoride toothpaste for two times brushing, mouthwash and flossing are the main steps to be followed daily to fix the rotten teeth.

Slight up moved rotten teeth are treated with concentrated fluoride for fixing affected teeth enamel. The procedure is limited according to the conditions. Allergic, pregnant women and mothers with breast-feeding are not advised to go through the option. Fluoride is very effective to fix teeth decaying by eliminating plaque and bacteria from the root.

Cavity Filling To Fix Rotten Teeth

Cavity Filling To Fix Rotten Teeth

If teeth condition has worsened due to cavity formation, your dentist will apply a filling option for bettering the situation. First of all the dentist will examine the position of cavity whether it is at back side of teeth or front side of it. Back teeth provides an amalgam filling of silver, tin and zinc for better support while front filling implies of composite-resin filling to match the colour with natural teeth.

It is made of plastic and fine glass bits. Before filling the cavity, dentist tries to drill the cavity to examine the deepness of infection and the drilling is also important to stop further rotting with untreated affected part and it also provides a perfect and supported filling.

Root Canal Treatment to Fix Rotten Teeth

Root Canal Treatment

To treat severe rotten teeth, root canal treatment is largely used by dentists. When the rotting reaches to the roots after affecting the dentin, it is must to clean the pockets between gums and pulp.

During root canal treatment, dentist will detach the teeth’s nerves and the pulp around them. After that, the rotting and other infections get cleaned from the under pocket. After cleaning the area thoroughly, dentist will start sealing the teeth with the help of crown mostly made of white material called porcelain.

Removal Of Rotten Teeth

Removal Of Rotten Teeth

If the decaying tooth is irreversible, dentist will suggest affected tooth extraction for better result. A fully infected and rotten tooth can be infectious for the other teeth connected to the same. A local anaesthesia is given to desensitise the mouth to tolerate the pain. To avoid uneasiness with the gap your dentist can suggest a dental bridge to fill the gap for better gnawing.

These are some most renowned and applied treatments to fix rotten teeth. It is important to maintain a hygienic routine for better oral health and routine visit to dentist can be helpful to avoid any severe condition related to oral problems.

Rekha Upadhyay