How To Find The Perfect Hand Bag


You have a tight budget, which means that you have to find a bag that you not only love but that has every thing you are looking for. So, you begin the search only to find it is an endless one, a drain on your energy and wallet, in case you end up buying the wrong handbag. The best way to go about your search for the perfect bag is to work on a more organised approach.

Begin by assessing the appearance and qualities that your ideal bag should have, before beginning the hunt for it. Here are some tips on what you need to be certain about before scouring the stores for the handbag of your dreams.

Style Preferences
Colour: Check your favourite colours and the colour you most often carry. If, you are going to go for a change of colour, decide how you can best use it.
Shape: You also need to makeup up your mind about whether you require a bag that is lightweight or one that is structured.
Opening: Make up your mind about what kind of bag opening you prefer, whether you want a zipped bag or one that closes with drawstrings or buckles, toggles or has flaps or magnetic closures.
Straps: Do you like shoulder bags, top handles, clutches or totes, including thick, thin or rolled straps?
Extras: Are you looking for added items, such as, zipped pockets or pockets for your cell phone, protective feet at the bottom, external pockets or special details?
Load Style: Are you looking for a bag that only needs to hold your wallet and keys, or a carry everything type of bag? Also, look into accessibility if you are going for a bag to carry your entire load.

If, you are one of those who like to carry a load of stuff, then go for lightweight bags that come with thick or rolled straps. You will find that rolled straps are easier on the hands and shoulders, without cutting into them. While, thin straps look trendy, they tend to bit into the skin. You will find they work best for light load carriers.

Use shoulder bags for light to medium loads and use backpacks to carry your heavy loads. Shorter straps are recommended as you will feel the weight more when the straps are long. As well, check out the bag functionality i.e. whether it works for you, does it compliment you, is the bag size in proportion to your build.

If, you have hips let your shoulder bag fall above them to balance them out. Avoid short straps if you have large breasts, as such a bag will only draw more attention to that area. Check on how you will use the bag, whether daily for work, on weekends or for special events. For light loads, go for structured bags to carry to work. Check out a lightweight bag by putting everything in it before buying it. Play around with colour, material and shape choices. Go for glitter and embellishments when choosing a bag for special events, as you need a dressier bag for such occasions.

Browse and check out all the bags that you think you like. You may think choosing a handbag is a breeze, but these tips certainly give you a lot to think about. But, they are essential if you want to save time and money you’ll save, plus the added bonus of finding a perfect bag.