How to Find An Organic Shampoo


homemade-shampoo_ Organic is in. Every day we hear something about the importance of natural products. They are safer, more effective, and better for the environment. Health and beauty products, such a shampoo, are no exception, and more and more choices are appearing in stores all the time.

With all the competition for your dollar, it can be hard to tell which shampoo you should choose. Is it really all natural? Does it do what it claims?

Shop wisely

When choosing a shampoo that claims to be organic, first you should read the label and look for the USDA seal. Shampoos may state that they are made from completely natural products, but this may not always be the case.

Many cosmetic companies see the value in appealing to consumers who want to buy organic, and they may market their product unrealistically. Some shampoos will add only a few natural ingredients to their product, but still claim to be organic.

Though there may be a few natural ingredients in the product, there will also be chemicals which can be harsh or unsafe. These companies will charge a higher price claiming their product to be organic, and it may still not be 100% natural.

Remember, just because a shampoo claims to natural, this may not always be the case. Be sure you understand what is in the products you buy. Check to see if your shampoo has been approved by the USDA. USDA approved shampoos must be made entirely from natural ingredients.

Read the label

That may sound daunting, but it’s actually very easy to tell if the product you are considering really is completely organic. Simply read the ingredients on the label.

By law, the manufacturers must list all the ingredients that their product contains. With natural products you will recognize the ingredients as being natural.

The shampoo will consist of herbs and plants that are familiar to you. If the ingredients on the label include any chemicals or something that sounds unnatural, you can assume the product is not 100% organic.

Keep smart shopping until you find a brand that you can trust. You’ll be helping both yourself and the environment to look and feel better.