How To Encourage Language Development

Language Development In Children

The child is born with a natural instinct to learn things. The child is always in a learning process. The various activities happening around the child act as a catalyst in understanding.

This rule applies in all fields of life of a child. A child must be encouraged to read, write and speak a language in order to understand it better. Making a child friendly with a language is not a tedious task and it does not need any training. What is needed is sheer dedication and involvement on parent’s front. Children are such brilliant learners that they can adapt to various languages at the same time.

The child is in a constant learning process and we should not forget that. The child’s everyday routine is an important aspect in the process of learning and parents should keep this in mind. We will discuss in the succeeding paragraphs as what is expected from the parent’s front in context to language development in a child.

The first and the foremost thing to understand is that you as a parent act a medium. Through this medium the foundation of understanding a language is laid. Therefore the parent’s contribution is the most valuable. The child imitates what parents do and it is your responsibility as parents to act as a good example.

The parents should keep in mind that the child is always on a learning mode and therefore parents should make the learning time as fun times. When the parents read the child would also like to pick up a book and imitate the parents. Similarly when the parents are writing the child would want to write. The same principle applies for speaking also. A child would pick up majority of words used by the parents.

The parents can also get the child involved in various activities like reading good books. The habit of reading books helps the child to understand the language better. The vocabulary of the child gets enhanced after reading variety of books. A child should also be encouraged to read loudly as the pronunciation and the accent is enhanced in this manner.

The parents should also read along with children as they get a boost and their doubts are also cleared. The involvement of parents in the child’s reading experience helps them understand various concepts better. The child can also be encouraged to practise writing skills as it also helps in understanding a language better.

When a child pens down something then the child would remember better. The parents should also contribute to their writing by giving various topics to children. The parents should encourage the children to learn in a manner that is most interesting to them.

A child can be moulded in whatever manner and as parents it’s our responsibility to help our child learn various aspects of life in a proper manner. If we lay the foundation with sheer dedication then a better tomorrow is certainly assured, and as parents its our responsibility to nurture our child’s present as well as future.

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