How to Eat Healthy Even When Eating Out

eat healthy

Life is a rat race. Man is always trying to beat the clock. In his rush to stretch more minutes out of the stipulated hours, he tries to shave of precious seconds of every task. Mealtimes are the first casualties in this race. Skipping meals and grabbing food on the go is the new norm. Fast food is fast truly in terms of convenience but is also equally fast in getting to your waistline. Eating out regularly is the prime cause of diseases and heartburn coming through the front door.

I t is hard to maintain a strict regimen of healthy eating when you are under social obligation to eat out. The meals you make at home are tailored to your specification whereas this is not so when eating out. Luncheon meetings and working dinners are to blame too. It may be unavoidable to eat outside but then there are some choices you can exercise to make it to your advantage.

Examine the menu thoroughly for healthy meal options. Reading the menu and examining it may highlight healthy choice you had skipped earlier. The sight of a familiar name of triggers the ordering. Stop, read the menu for all the choices and then make an informed decision. You can take time to study the menu while waiting for the maitre’d or in line for the takeout rather than tapping your foot impatiently while the one before you rattles off his order.

Know the types of food that are bad for you. This will help you to make better decisions about what is good for your health. Avoid anything which is deep fried. Avoid carbonated drinks, have water instead. It is a cleanser and naturally flushes out toxins from your system. Have grilled foods as they are low on fat content. Fruit side dishes are a great way of feeling full without piling the calories. Baked potatoes can be ordered without the usual sinful excesses like butter, sour cream and the sort. Ordering salad with the dressing on the side is better than salad with the dressing. You would only dip your fork in and eat it when on the side whereas if it came with the dressing it would come doused in dressing and calories.

The portions of food at take out restaurants are graded in terms of size .You may save a few cents of the super size burger but that would super size your waist. Try and curtail your size to the medium serving size as by the time you eat everything you will be full and not be tempted to overeat or to waste.

When the food is served. make sure you eat the food slowly instead of gobbling it down. Chewing slowly helps in making you full faster as well as aiding in digestion. You will have time to savor each morsel and enjoy your food.

When you have finished eating and clearing off the crumbs, do reflect. Reflect on the fact that was the taste of the food really worth the extra fat and grease that was used to prepare it. Consider and cogitate .Rectify errors, wherever committed as practice will make perfect.Make your choices so flawless than even when there is a Hobson’s choice in going out to eat, you can make it your choice to eat healthy.

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