How To Dress For An Interview


Does it really make a difference how you dress for an interview? Of course, it does! We’ve all know there is only one chance to make a good first impression. So, present yourself to your potential employer in a manner that reflects a highly polished and professional image. An interview is not about making a personal statement about your fashion sense. Your goal is show respect for an interviewer’s values, tastes, and expectations. While, dressing for work may vary depending on type of job, environment at work or geographical region, several key points must be kept in mind:

Men should dress for an interview in a conservative business suit. A well-tailored or fitted suit coat and trousers can help present you as a confident professional. Remember, there is no room for sloppiness. Even though your budget is tight, invest in a good quality suit that will pay tremendous dividends in making a positive first impression, enhancing your confidence.

Darker shades including grays, blues (navy), and black are acceptable colours to wear to an interview. You can wear pin stripes and plaids as long as they are subtle. You can get away with lighter shades of blues, grays, and even tan in warmer climates. A plain white or off-white shirt is always a winner, though pastel shades (blue, pink, yellow, etc.) are acceptable.

Wear a tie or necktie, but the watchword is conservative. Match the colour of your socks to your outfit, shine your shoes and your leather belt should match the colour of your shoes.

As for women a conservative business suit is a sure fire way to present a professional image. The suit should fit well, the skirt length should be neither to long or too short, overall. While, grays and blues are standard, women can get away with wearing a wider variety of colours.

The blouse you wear with the suit should complement it. It should be neither too revealing, high around the neck, or ruffled and frilled.

Don’t forget stockings in a flesh tone or colour close to it. Wear sensible shoes leaving high heels and open toes for an evening out.

Both men and women should dress their hair in a conservative style. Men who wear beards and mustaches should ensure they are neatly trimmed. Fingernails should be trimmed and hands clean. Women should keep their make-up subtle and toned down.

Jewelry should be kept to a minimum and cologne and perfumes should be subtle not overbearing. Now, all you need to do is to smile and give it your best!