How to Do a French Twist


frenchtwist One of the biggest pros for a woman with long hair is she has the option of doing her hair in a million different styles. One style that has been around for ages and can be elegant yet dressed down is the French twist. This hair style is not complex and a snap to throw together if you pay close attention.

Items you’ll need:

•    Bobby Pins
•    Comb
•    Brush


First make sure you brush your hair and get all of the knots out. Once you have brushed it thoroughly, run your comb through it. Just in case you missed any small knots. As we all know some knots can be tricky and only removed with a comb verses a brush.

Once you have combed your hair properly, pull your hair back, as if you were about to make a pony tail. As you are making your pony tail make sure all of your hair is smooth, and gently pull it all together in the center of your head.

Once that is accomplished, grasp it with your left hand, and use your right hand to bring the free end of your hair upward going towards the top of your head. Grab any strands that are trying to fly away and with your comb flatten all hair out and remove bumps.

Beginning firmly at the base of your pony tail, proceed to twist your hair to the left. Make sure you continue to tuck and twist until you notice a twist forming.

Grasping your hair in the same position, take some bobby pins and pin your hair into position. Start at the base. Making sure the open end is positioned to be facing the left place a pin carefully into the middle of your head.

Now you need to grab some of your hair and move the bobby pin (the open end) to the right so you can secure it.

Continue to repeat these steps as you gradually climb up the twist, tightening and securing as you go along. Upon reaching the crown or top of your head, stop pinning and tucking your hair.

Bring together any stranded, stray, or fly pieces of hair and either, tuck them inward or you may even create a roll on top.

Although you don’t need to, some people spray some hair gel or hair spray to make sure no frizz arises if it’s going to be hot outside. You may wish to do so, especially if you live in a warmer climate with a high humidity.

Once all of these steps have been completed, you are now ready to go out into the world and show off your French twist. Not only was that fast and easy to assemble but it’s a simple look that looks elegant and classy.

You can also style it down if you are just going out to brunch or to a restaurant. The possibilities are endless.