How to Detect Breast Cancer Early

Detect Breast Cancer

Now a day, lots of women are being diagnosed with breast cancer. This is because it is not detected at the primary stages and is neglected. In case of breast cancer, you can find breast lumps at a very early stage. One of the easiest ways to detect breast cancer is to have regular mammograms. Mammogram is the best way to detect breast cancer. It is best to go for mammograms every two years when you reach the age fifty. It is the effective way to find the lump, if it is large enough to feel.

Mammogram is a specific X-ray of your breast. Mammogram uses very small amount of radiation and it is not harmful. Cancer is thicker in the region of breast in case of breast cancer and so mammograms easily detect breast cancer. This X-rays shows the sign of cancer and also other kind of breast problems.

The symptom of breast cancer varies from person to person. Self exam should be part of monthly health care. You must visit doctor, if you see abnormal changes in your breast. If you are able to diagnose breast cancer at an early stage, the possibilities of controlling it are more. There are different kinds of tests.

You can self examine your breast in your home. You can do it in front of mirror. Undress yourself and look into the mirror. Place the arms on the sides. Your breast should face forward. Look at your breast in the mirror and check whether you have any sign of dimpling or puckering, or any change in the size of your breast, or any change in the shape and symmetry of your breast. Check whether there is any change in the orientation of your nipples. Keep your hands on hip and repeat the same procedure and look for same signs. Do the same thing with your hands overhead and you can even do this by keeping your palm pressed.

While having bath, lather your breasts with fingers, using soap to make it smooth. Use your fingers to move over every part of your breast. Do this in circular motion. Check whether you have any lump in your breast. When the left hand is placed behind your head and the breast examined using right hand, it helps to detect any abnormalities associated with the breasts. Examine your right breast with your left hand, keeping right hand at the back. You can test when you are in bed also.

Keep a pillow below the right shoulder and keep the right arm behind the head. Press your right breast with left hand in circular motion all over the breast. Do the same for your left breast by keeping pillow under left shoulder and left arm behind the head.

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