How to Deal With Ear Wax

deal with ear wax

Ear wax is produced by our ears so as to move the dust to the ear openings, such that this dust gets stuck in the wax. The dust gets cleaned away when we wash the area around our ears.

Though ear wax acts as a protective recycling center for the body but at times can cause discomfort when it gets blocked. Ear wax when present in more than required quantity can cause irritation, itchiness and makes our ears more prone to infection. One can also suffer from pain, cough and this might lead to hearing loss as well.

One can deal with excessive ear wax through some of the home based remedies. For all those who have some medical records of ear problems or have swimmer’s ear, must not try these home remedies and should consult a doctor in need.
One can use baby oil to soften the ear wax and then can remove the ear wax by moistening it with water at body temperature. For the purpose one can fill a sink with water, which should be at body temperature and then spray this water on to the ear, thus allowing the water and the ear wax to get washed away naturally.

Ear canal must always be dried after this and one can do so by squeezing the rubbing alcohol into the ear through an eye dropper. This process helps in the drying of the ear. One can also soften the ear wax by applying a vinegar water peroxide solution that has been warmed and applied to the ear canal. Olive oil or mineral oil can also be used to soften the ear wax, such that it is warmed and is placed in the ear canal of the patient when she/he is lying sideways.

The oil can be allowed to remain in the ear for a time span of few minutes such that it melts the ear wax. Then after some time the patient can lie down to the other side so as to allow the oil and wax to flow out naturally. Ear can be cleaned with a clean cloth to remove the remaining oil and wax. Ear wax can also be removed safely with the ear drops that are easily available in a pharmacy store. But one should go for an expert advice before buying it.

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