How to Deal with Common Cold


Most people are so much afraid of common cold that they would rather lock themselves up in the room just to avoid catching cold during the cold and flu season. This reaction is based on the myth that staying out in cold surroundings will give you cold. This is not true. Cold is caused by a virus. Once the virus gets into your body, no matter where you are you develop cold.

Some of the symptoms of coldare sneezing, runny nose, nasal obstruction, sore throat and cough. You develop the symptoms as the body’s immune system reacts to the presence of the virus. The reactions of the bodies defence system lead to inflammations in the throat that produces mucus and the pain related to sore throat. You start developing these symptoms 8 to 12 hours after getting infected.

How to prevent common cold
It is impossible to prevent catching common cold but there is a lot you can do to reduce the amount of times you get infected. The cold virus does not multiply outside the human body it can remain active for a long time on hard surfaces. One you transfer it to your face by touch it starts multiplying. This means that simple washing of hands after getting into contact with people will help prevent contracting common cold. There is no other effective preventive measure.

There are no known cures for common cold but there are ways to treat it. The earlier you treat the symptoms the better for you and for others. There are antihistamines which can help give relief from the symptoms thus reducing the amount of infection. We also have decongestants that provide temporary relief but once their effects are over the symptoms quickly roll back. Salt water nasal drops are natural treatments that are also known to provide temporary relief.

Some people also believe that chicken soup can reduce the mucus but there is no scientific proof to that effect.

Since it is known that common cold cannot be treated, everyone should choose the home preventive method that is suitable for him/her.

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