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breast cancer symptoms

breast cancer symptoms Among the most occurring diseases that are threat to women, breast cancer stands out prominently. Though the fact is that it is not as life threatening as other severe forms of cancer like liver cancer, brain cancer, leukemia or lungs cancer, if diagnosed in time, and proper treatment and timely medical attention can cure the disease completely. Still, the word ‘cancer’ itself raises goose bumps in all of us.

Statistics reveal that at least one in every seven to eight women all over the world suffer from breast cancer. Hence, this record is quite threatening for all the women for sure. But what is most surprising and distressing is that the disease does not have any fixed factor behind its occurrence.

So, certain criteria have been identified by the medical practitioners all over the world that are conditions promoting the disease. A comprehensive knowledge of these factors will help us in our further study of the disease and take necessary precautions beforehand.

The increasing age

Age has been identified as one of the chief factors that pave the way to breast cancer. As the woman crosses the age of 40 and on the verge of 50 years, the risks of breast cancer multiply due to several hormonal changes in the body.

Menopausal phase in woman

A woman is susceptible to breast cancer when menopause dawns on her. Menopausal years in a woman come from the age of 40 to 45 years, varying from women to women. This stage is woman’s life is crucial as the estrogen production in the body starts dropping, there are other hormonal alterations. All these lead to a lot of physical shortcomings in the woman. Among these the most threatening is breast cancer.

Irregularity in menstrual cycle

The general age for the occurrence of menstruation in women is 12 to 14 years. On the other hand women experience menopause at the age around 40 to 45 years, maximum 50 years. This normal duration gets disrupted in certain women, who might have a menstruation cycle before the general age.

Again, in some women the menopause occurs very late, crossing the age of 55 years and more. The women keep on having her menstruation, which is actually abnormal. The effects of sex hormones along with estrogen keep on having their influences on the woman’s body as well as the breast tissues. This is something to be alarmed of, as prolonged influence of this hormone on the breast tissues pave way for breast cancer.

Effects of obesity

Obesity and over weight has also been propounded as one of the major causes behind the occurrence of breast cancer. The increased accumulation of unwanted fat in the body accentuates the chances of carcinogenic growth in the body. This causes breast cancer many a times.

Genetic factor and family history

Cancer, of any form, has been identified as a disease that bears a close proximity to genetic factor. In majority of cases it has been observed that women who have their mothers suffering from breast cancer or their grandmothers having history of breast cancer are more vulnerable to this disease. Paternal medical history or maternal medical history of breast cancer makes a woman susceptible to the possible occurrence of this disease.

Effects of personal history

This factor can be very simply explained. People suffering from certain forms of cancer are liable to liable to form victims again of the similar type of cancer. In some of the time, the typical form of cancer often relapses in some patients. Thus breast cancer is also not an exception. A woman having a previous history of breast cancer can have a second occurrence too, affecting the similar breast, if not removed, or the other breast.


Women addicted to alcohol on a regular basis or those who are regular smokers are susceptible to breast cancer more than those who do not drink or smoke.

When to visit a doctor

It is quite essential to realize when to visit the doctor to check if you are suffering from breast cancer. As already mentioned, an early detection is the best way to prevent the disease and stay fir and healthy. So identify the exact time when a doctor visit becomes due.

Lump formation or abnormality in the structure of breast

Detect your breasts carefully. If you notice an lump formation, any sort of swelling that appears abnormal and an unnatural and sudden shrinking and crinkling of the breasts and the position keeps on continuing for a linger time, it should be taken seriously.

Diminished nipples

Another distinct sign is the formation and the appearance of the nipples. Generally the nipples are prominent parts of the beast that protrudes out prominently. But when the nipples appear diminished and suddenly sunken down, treat it immediately.

Sudden occurrence of rashes and swelling

Rashes are common occurrence in the skin and beast. But break out of rashes suddenly accompanied by swelling and reddening together with pain and tenderness is not a common thing. To be on the safer side, visit a doctor to be certain why this occurred.

Pain and swelled breasts

Pain and swelling of the breasts is sometimes experienced by some women on the verge of pregnancy or even menstruation and menopause. In case of menstruation, it subsides within a few days of the occurrence of the menstruation cycle. Similarly in case of menopause the pain, which is a result of the hormonal change, diminishes after a few weeks.

In pregnancy, this pain is because the mammary glands swell up due to hormonal and glandular stimulation and arrival of milk. So, as soon as the breast feeding starts it goes away. But situations other than these, when there is a prolonged and sudden pain, do not leave it unattended.

Discharge from breasts

Any sort of discharge from the nipple, other than the time of pregnancy, when milk or colostrum can ooze out, is to be treated with anxiety. In place of neglecting it, visit a doctor and examine yourself. A normal breast and nipple will never have any sort of discharge, hence it is an indication that something wrong is going on inside your body.

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