How to Cut a Womans Hair – And Have Her Happy


Few things have the ability to affect our self confidence like a good haircut.  A good cut enhances our beauty and our self-esteem.  Because of this women are notoriously fussy about the way their hair looks.  Most women will have a regular stylist and salon they go to for their hair care.  But a few women, in order to save money, or so they can experiment with more styles, partner with each other for hair styling.  The following tips are designed to help you cut a woman’s hair.

To Begin
The “client”, or the woman having her hair cut, should be seated in front of a mirror.  To minimize the mess, wear plastic cape to protect the clothes.  Make sure the scissors are sharp.  Dull scissors result in sloppy hair cuts.  The hair should be slightly damp and combed thoroughly.  Keep a spray bottle of water on hand to keep the hair damp.

Start Cutting
Working from the nape of the neck towards the top of the head, make horizontal parts in the hair.  Twist the sections into strands and clip them.  When you are finished sectioning, you can start cutting at the lowest section (the back of the head).  Release the clip, and comb the hair out.  Hold the hair ¼ inch from the end, between your index and middle fingers (like you make a pair of scissors).  Trim about 1/8 inch from the tip.  Now this section is slightly shorter than the rest of the hair still in clips.  Use this section to measure the other lengths against.

Cut around the head before releasing the next layer of sectioned hair.  For extra fullness, make each layer just a fraction longer than the section below it.  This adds thickness to the ends, especially for mid-length and bobbed hair.  To add layers, the sections will be noticeably shorter on each layer as you move from the bottom of the head to the crown.  This is a more obvious technique.


Carefully measure to make sure that the lengths are uniform around the head, especially on each side of the face.  Dry hair and brush to make sure that the look is perfect.