How to choose the right kind of foundation


For makeup foundation is a must. If you do not have the right foundation, then your entire makeup could be ruined. While you are shopping for foundation there are two things you have to keep in mind – your skin tone and skin type. Also keep in mind what brand suits your skin.

If you walk into a store you will have plenty of choices. There are several types/forms of foundations – Emulsions, Creams, Liquids, Gels, Cakes or Sticks etc. What form of foundation will you use depends on your skin type and tone. Cream based foundations are more suitable for girls living in places with moderate climate. On the other hand girls who live in warm climates better go for gel based foundation as it is lighter than the cream based ones and gives more sheen.

Now the question is what function you want your foundation to perform. If you want to hide the acne spots and the dark circles, then Emulsions is your thing. They do not add much shine to the skin like the Liquid foundation, but they are good at hiding the unwanted blemish.

Creams are suitable for dry skin as they contain enough of oil. They are also effective in hiding the marks but also give a glossy effect. Liquid foundations are one kind that is available for all skin type. But this form of foundation is not so effective in hiding the marks and it only adds a light shine. But if you have normal skin with no marks on it, then Gel is what you need. This makeup component gives the natural look to your appearance.

Many think that foundation is not for oily skin. Well, for girls with oily skin, Cakes or Sticks are the thing. They give your oily skin a day matt look and they are excellent in hiding marks. But remember, they are not suitable for daily use.

Now the question is – is foundation harmful to skin? The answer is no, in fact it is good for the skin as it not only hides the scars and the marks, but at the same time it protects the skin against pollutants and dirt. It also works as a sunscreen and balance the moisture levels of the skin.

A small tip – while you are buying foundation, always do a hand test. Apply the foundation on your arm to see if it matches your hand color. If it does then you have found your foundation.