How to Choose the Right Hat for Yourself


hatchoose Once a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, it was not that long ago that a hat was the accessory of choice for stylish women everywhere. In fact, up until about 50 years ago, it was commonplace to see beautiful women complimentingtheir elegant appearance with the addition of a stylish hat.

This once indispensable fashion accessory has fallen by the wayside, with the exception of baseball caps or protective sunhats.

Today, hats are beginning to make a comeback. If you are looking for a way to add a little something extra to your outfit in a creative and stylish way, a hat may be just what you need.

While it’s true that hats are not for everyone, the majority of people can achieve stunning results with this simple addition to their wardrobe. The key to making this trend work for you is to find the perfect fit, to find a hat that complements your unique personality and style. Be sure to try on a number of hats in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The first step is to find a hat that works with your facial structure. Those with a triangular or oval shaped face can choose from just about any hat shape or style. People with square or round faces should choose from high hats with angled brims.

Be sure to avoid a hat that is too narrow.  To do so, always choose one with a crown that is the same width as your face.  Tall hats should be avoided by those with an oblong facial shape. Wide brimmed hats that cover part or the entire forehead work well for oblong facial structures.

The next step in picking a hat is finding one that will complement your skin tone. Although hat colors vary according to the season, available color shades are numerous.

For example, when searching a department store during the holiday season it is not uncommon to find a hat in twenty-five different shades of red. Be sure to choose the shade that works best for you.

There’s no point in choosing a style of hat that you love if the color does not look good on you.  A good tip is to choose a hat that goes well with your eye color.

Remember that the hat you choose should complement your style. If you find it difficult to match your hat to your outfit, you could try matching the hat with your jewelry, purse or shoes.

A final matter to consider when searching for the perfect hat is the size. Hats need to be the perfect fit and you should not settle for anything less than a perfect fit.

When trying a hat on for size, it should fit snuggly but still slip on comfortably without falling off. If the hat slips to the side or needs to be pushed back into place after moving then it is too big for you.

Likewise, if your head does not comfortably accept the heat and you need to pull it on then you need to go up a size or two.

Now that you have selected a hat to complement your wardrobe, keep in mind that a single hat can be worn in different ways by altering the angle of the brims or adjusting its placement on your head.

Add several hats to your wardrobe for different occasions.  A nice straw hat not only provides sun protection while on the beach, but adds a look of elegance while strolling through the sand.

A trilby hat is practical and good for everyday use. You can spice up your daily outfit by adding a cowboy hat and boots or be more unique by adding a newsboy cap. With proper care and maintenance, hats can continue to serve as a stylish and fashionable accessory to your wardrobe for years to come.