How To Care For Your Skin During The Winter Months


Every season of the year poses a different problem for the skin and hair.  The winter months in particular offer us a daily challenge to avoid damage that may prove irreparable at the end of the season.  It is therefore extremely important to take the necessary precautions and leave nothing to chance in order to avoid wrinkles that might appear and remain.Without proper care, the skin tends to become dry due to decreased oil  production from the glands that underlie the protective outer surface, resulting in a scaly, cracked appearance.

Avoid soaps

Standard soaps will remove the few precious oils that the skin produces.  So it is best to avoid these in favour of products that can clean the skin without stripping it of its natural lubricants.  Non-soap facial detergents may be purchased in cosmetics stores or it is possible to make home remedies that offer results that are just as good and are more economic.

ake for example cream skimmed off the top of fresh milk; add a teaspoon of lime juice and a quarter teaspoon of turmeric spice powder and you will have an excellent detergent which cleanses without removing the skin’s precious oils.

Repairs while you sleep

During the day we are exposed to the elements; sun, wind, water and cold.  The best time to make repairs for the stress that we are subjected to every day is at night when the body naturally performs its healing process while we sleep.  Here again, either apply commercial products with a glycerine base, or make your own.  Prepare a mixture of milk cream with a small amount of glycerine, rose water and olive oil.

This may be applied over all areas of the hands, neck and face and will leave your skin looking refreshed and moisturised in the morning.  Upon awaking, rinse the skin in warm water and then again in cold water dry carefully and the positive results will be evident in a very short time.

Before bathing

For the remaining parts of the body, gently rub a mixture of rose water and olive oil or coconut oil onto the skin just before bathing.  This will avoid the quick drying out process that can occur once following a bath or shower.  Your skin will be soft and noticeably translucent even after bathing.

Treating chapped lips

The lips in particular suffer during the winter months and may become dry to the point that the skin breaks and bleeds or becomes scaly and anti-aesthetic.  It is important to keep them moisturised during the day using lip balm that contains cocoa butter or make your own preparation for use at night with a rose petal, milk cream puree that is applied heavily before bedtime.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also an effective help in combating dry skin.  In tablet form it should be prescribed only by your doctor, since there are certain precautions connected to the proper dosage of this vitamin.  The best way to get sufficient amounts of Vitamin A is to eat healthy foods that contain it, such as calf liver, cow’s milk, carrots and spinach, among others.

By caring for your skin on a daily basis with attention and preventive measures, the winter months will not be permitted to leave a permanent mark and the natural aging process will be slowed or kept to a minimum.