How To Care For A New Born

how to care for newborns

how to care for newborns When you are expecting a child for the first time, there are several issues that concern you. Taking care of your new born baby is one such issue. The best advice is to follow your instincts. There are few tips that would help you to understand your baby needs and aid you in taking care of the baby.

Babies Are not Frail

You are tensed because you think that you would end up hurting your baby, if you do not handle your baby nicely. Do not worry about your baby because baby is stronger than you think. The babies are tough, if you mistakenly drop the head of the baby backwards, it would not harm the baby.

The fontanel on the skull of the baby is made of tough membrane, you can not injure it. Do not worry about covering her at night, if by mistake you forget, do not panic as her body is controlling temperatures well and providing her with warmth as and when required. Your baby has strong resistance to germs as well. If everyone in your family falls sick with cold or cough, she would only experience slight or no cold at all.

In the similar manner if she has put herself in some difficult situation while playing, she has all the power to yell and call you for her rescue. If the light in your room is bothering her eyes, she would show the signs by blinking and crying. Your baby knows how much feed or sleep she needs; it’s a nature’s way of protecting your new born. It is very easy for you to get hassled but you should not worry because your baby is not frail.

Do not Be Afraid of Your Baby

We know that babies demand and need attention, but this does not mean that they are born with the feeling of making their parents stand on their feet 24×7. This is not true, babies are born to be friendly and reasonable but sometimes little unmanageable to make us aware of their problem. Do not worry about your baby’s feeds. If your baby is not hungry, she would refuse feeds.

Do not be afraid to pamper and love your baby. You have heard stories about spoiling them, if you love them too much. Get over with all such nasty stories. You are a parent and not a machine to estimate how much you need to love your baby. Your baby needs to be played with, fondled, talked to and smiled at, in the similar way she needs food and water to grow.

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Fulfill your baby’s need if you find them to be reasonable. If she wants to be in your lap or wants to be held straight, do it, as it might be comforting her. If your baby is crying in the initial days after the birth, probably she has colic or she is hungry, try and find out the reason behind her crying, before getting scared. Don’t be afraid that you’ll spoil your baby if you take too much care. This is a very gradual and deliberate process where parents are unaware about theirs and the child’s temperaments.

Every Baby is Different

Do not go by any set rules to nurture a baby. You have to learn that every baby is different and special. You cannot compare one baby with another. The pattern of development is different in all the babies. Where one baby learns to crawl and walk faster, the other baby can develop talking skills early in life. There are no set benchmarks for the development stage of the baby.

As parents you should not worry and compare your baby with other babies. Love your baby, the way he looks, plays and does things, and forget about the things he cannot do or in unable to do. This is not a sentimental advice but truth, you cannot change the way your baby is growing rather you would end up accumulating too many expectations from yourself and your baby.

Do not do this, for the sake of yourself and the baby. Let your baby grow and behave in a natural manner. This way you would inculcate happiness in your baby and happy baby would learn and grow better.

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Be Companionable With your Baby

It is very important to play and befriend you small baby. You might think that your baby is very small to understand or reciprocate such feelings, but in reality your baby understands your involvement in his life. He is registering how much you mean to him when you feed him, touch him, hold him, burp him, bathe him, the baby is noticing everything.

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When you talk or hug your baby or make faces or noises which amuse him, this makes your baby happy and his spirits grow. Again talking or playing to your child does not mean that at all times you tickle, waggle or talk to your baby, because this might make him tired or irritable. It is gentle and tender companionship that is needed for your baby which is good for baby as well as for you.

The Father’s Role

The role of fathers in the early period is of great importance. Their wife needs more compassion and support from them than before. The new mother is going through many changes in life and she needs her husband’s help and love. The new mother can be quite tired and exhausted during the initial days after the birth of the child. More than support and assistance in the house hold work, it is the emotional support that counts.

The new mother has to be showered with affection, appreciation, patience and understanding. The husband is also going through various changes; suddenly he has to bear with a more demanding wife and a new addition in the family. But if understands that the demands are more than his wife’s way of telling him that she needs him by this side, to nurture their baby and become good parents.

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