How To Build Solid Muscle


musclesbuildingfood Here are some important hints on eating habits and building of muscles. Normally one has to understand the amount of consumption of food he/she has to intake in order to build muscle and how it will improve the health and muscle. The weight of the body and food one consumes has to be taken into consideration.

In order to give good nourishment to the body and for its growth, the intake of food has to be nourishing and rich in food value. When the body is constantly involved in work, the cell becomes weak. To build up and repair the damaged cells, equal quantity of nourishing food consumption is necessary. The cells in the body derive the strength from the intake of good food.

In each meal, the food value taken in as consumption should have a good value of fat, carbs, and protein. This will enable the growth of the hormone level and strengthen the cells with more nourishment giving growth to burned and damaged cells of the body.

To build up muscle building you have to make up a good anabolic environment. When constructing a house, a good foundation is necessary. It is only then the house will be strong enough and extension can be made so as to last longer.

Likewise, for muscle growth the consumption of good food is essential; otherwise, it will be very difficult to undergo the task of such nature.

Some recommendations of food for building muscle in a short period are given below:-

OilOlive oil has anti-oxidants and Vitamin E.

Eggs – Egg is rich in food value. It has amino acids, protein, zeaxanthin, and lutein.

Liver – Beef liver has high value of nutrient and contains Vitamin B, phosphorus, zinc, iron, protein, and niacin.

Fish salmon – Salmon is rich in protein. Consumption of salmon two times in a week is recommended.

Milk – Wholesome milk has a high food value. It is rich in protein and calcium. A full glass of wholesome milk is highly recommended for all body builders.

Honey –Honey has high value in anti-oxidants. It develops the muscles at a rapid speed.

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