How to Blow Dry Your Hair for a Different Look


If you are like most people, you are probably looking for new ways to style your hair that don’t require a trip to the salon or hours getting ready in the morning. There is a quick and inexpensive solution to your hair dilemmas. Blow drying your hair can add a whole new look effortlessly.

Most people already own a blow dryer and think they know how to use it, but actually if you do not do it properly, you can damage your hair and end up with the dried, frizzy look that nobody likes.

What is the key to blow dry your hair beautiful? First you need to have a hairdryer, a rounded hair brush, a wide toothed comb and a heat protective product. These items are an important step in the process for creating volume and smooth, sleek hair.

There are a lot of different kinds of hairdryers on the market. The one you choose may depend on the type of hair you have. Some hairdryers come with attachments such as diffusers that allow the air to be diffused before being absorbed into the hair follicles. Using diffusers can help cut down on your hair being damaged by excessive heat.

There are hairdryers that have different heat settings available also. Some experts advise that you blow dry your hair almost all the way dry on a cool setting which helps close the hair follicles and keep the moisture retained. This does require some extra time as the cool air does not dry hair as quickly as hot air.

If you are looking to create volume, try blow drying your hair upside down and use a rounded hair brush to keep the hair smooth and avoid crimping effects. Apply a volumizing spray or product to the roots of the hair prior to drying for an ultimate volume experience.

If you are going for the straight, sleek look take a wide or fine toothed comb and brush hair from root to end while blow drying. This will create the look desired with many modern and trendy hair styles.