How to Be Alert When You Are In Unknown Place


Are you planning to visit a new place this vacation?  However, you are not sure of the
Preventive measures that you are supposed to be taking.  Visiting a new place is quite exciting
but one needs to be alert and cautious all the time.  For instance you may come across with
unpredicted circumstances and for this you must be always prepared.

Some of the things you need to carry are your passport, enough money and don’t be over bulky with
So many stuffs. This will lighten your journey and you will feel more comfortable and convenient.
If you are alone then you must take extra care of yourself and your belongings. Make sure to carry
Something like spray or pen or small knife as safety measure. Credit card is a must.

Never, commit blunder to roam alone in the isolated place.  Be sure to reach before it gets dark.
One more thing you ought to add in your safety lists is carrying medicines.
You can carry stomach ailments medicines like, vomiting and headache or other related problems.
This will prohibit you to land up in expensive medical expenses. If you happen to visit pub or bar
don’t get drunk. Be in comfortable and alert position so that you don’t end up losing your self and
Your belongs.

Be in touched with your family members through constant communication. Tell them that you are
in safer place . This will make them feel nice. Be the first one to run out if something like
recently happened un fortunate incidence in Mumbai attack.  We all make common mistake,
when we are in the hotel we tend to relax and often take bath late. While you are having
bath if something misshape takes place you wont be in a position to run for the life. Thus,
always be cautious and active. Don’t be clumsy.