How To Battle Loneliness


Everyone feels the pangs of loneliness at one time or the other, however one doesn’t have to succumb to it. Loneliness isn’t just about needing company, it can also be a feeling of being cut off or alienated from other people. A lonely life can even lead to serious, life-threatening conditions, raising the risk of heart disease and depression. Loneliness can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, as socially isolated people suffer from poor sleep quality; which diminishes restorative processes as well. According to psychologists, loneliness also plays a part in alcoholism too,

Loneliness manifests itself in different ways. One can feel isolated, alone and unhappy, view oneself negatively, become overly critical of one’s physical appearance and end up avoiding people and new situations. As life gets busier and more complex, with little time to spend with friends and family, social contact is fading away as technology takes over. One can beat loneliness that is not a product of solitude by moving out and making friends, interacting with old ones, increasing one’s social contact with other beings of the same species.

Beat solitude by taking advantage of it. Being alone (as opposed to loneliness) can be a very positive experience. In fact, spending time alone can help recharge your mental batteries. If, you are feeling lonely, there’s no need to feel sorry for yourself. Instead of focusing on yourself, focus outwards.

Combat loneliness by strengthening your social network, stay in touch with friends, write letters, call the people you really care about. If, you have access to a computer, browse the Internet, send emails to friends, try and meet them. Make new friends, attend events and social gatherings, invite people home, make a date or share meals with a friend or neighbour who is also alone. Get a pet and take it for a walk, even invite a neighbour along. Join the health club, simply state positive.

Become a volunteer or mentor someone, a wonderful way of imparting your skills, knowledge and wisdom, which are riches to be shared with others. Learn how to meditate, join a Yoga class, read, study a foreign language, or learn how to paint, dance or play a musical instrument, learn cordon bleu cooking, even join a travel group and go travelling.

Just keep in mind that there are numerous ways to beat solitude and feeling lonely in today’s busy world! If, you are living a lonely life, it is because you are not making an effort get out there and enjoy being alive!

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