How to Apply the Eyeliner in the Gothic Style


eyeliner-in-the-gothic-style In order to look different and unique, people try various types of makeup. One such makeup is Goth makeup. One of the key features of this particular makeup is that the eyes and lips are very much highlighted and it is characterized by smooth, silky-white skin. It is very essential to apply the liner in the correct and proper way to give a final look to the Goth makeup. Remember that without the right eye liner, the Goth look is incomplete.

Follow the following steps to successfully apply the Goth liner in the correct fashion. The basic things which are required for this purpose are black liquid eyeliner, small angled brush and foam-tipped buffer. Keep these three things handy before applying the liner. Always clean your hands before applying the liner. It is better to avoid the liner after the eye shadow. Use dry hands as there is a risk of smudging the shadow powder. For the perfect Goth look, opt for a liquid liner instead of a pencil because liquid liner gives a smooth look and it is sharper than a pencil liner.  Liner should draw attention to the eye color for the Goth look. It should be deep and have a dark crease in the upper eye. In addition to this, your liner needs to really pop so that it adds dimensions.

For best results, opt for a small angled brush for applying the liquid liner.

This brush will give you good control and it will encourage you to give a perfect line the first time only. The application of the liner should be very fast as the tendency of the makeup is to dry very quickly. The liner is applied like a cat’s eye. Start from the outside corner of the upper eyelid and make a thicker line on the outside edge. The line should be very close to the lashes and it should be about ¼ inch from the corners of the eyes. Then apply a thin line to the lower lid as well. Use a form tipped buffer to smudge the liner before it dries.