How To Apply Nail Polish Designs


You are all dressed; your nails are perfectly manicured and painted to match your outfit, yet you feel they could do with a little more. Why not apply some nail polish designs to give them that extra lift, instead of looking very Plain Jane.

What you’ll need for applying nail polish designs is nail polish colours of your choice, fake already painted nails (if you wish), toothpicks, nail polish remover and loads of patience

The first step is to decide what nail design you want to put on your nails e.g. flowers, polka dots, stripes, or squiggles. Next, depending on your design, you may or may not need toothpicks. For example, for stripes a toothpick is perfect as it makes them come out thinner. For flowers, just the end of the nail polish brush can be used.

Nail designs should only be applied once the other nail paint is dry. To make a flower, dab a dot in the middle of each nail you wish to design and dry. Using your other colour of choice, place more dabs around the middle circle for the flower petals. Once dry, use the toothpick to add leaves or other designs.

Making polka dots is simple and just need a brush dab with the brush. A brush can also be used to make thick stripes.

After your design has dried out completely, add a topcoat to keep the design in place and give your nail a smoother look.

For creating more complicated nail designs, you can cut a band-aid into patterns; stick it on top of a dry coat of colour polish. Apply a different colour of choice over band-aid and dry. Peel off band-aid. Or else, pierce your nails with nail jewellery, or you can simply glue it on. Piercing kits are available in the market but you can sterilise a sewing needle to pierce your nail for inserting nail jewellery.