How Sex Boosts Your Health

The health of your sex organs is related to how long you live. This will mean a rich and a fulfilling life. A good sexual life can reap a lot of benefits such as decreasing arterial aging, a clear and well-flowing vascular system leading to good blood flow through the body. There are just some few things you can do to maintain a good libido in order to keep the sparks in your love life.

Think about the kind of sex you have.
There is nothing you can compare to safe sex. Safe sex is not only the one that will not give STDs, but is also stress free. Stress free sex is not one that you can call extramarital. Stress free sex will make you younger.  There are many studies that prove that having sex is good for maintaining youthful exuberance.

It has been observed that more orgasm for men, and higher quality one’s for women make them younger. Those who are 55 years can reduce their aging by 1.6 years by increasing the number of times the have sex to 116 times. Such people reading this should reach out to their spouses and say “honey it’s time to be healthy”.

Women can enjoy sex without having orgasm.
Men cannot imagine having sex without orgasm. So they think the same way for women. That is a myth. Male orgasms take averagely between three to five minutes to occur but female orgasm takes about four times that time. What is therefore necessary is the arousal. If a woman is properly aroused, she will enjoy sex even if she doesn’t get orgasm.

It is easy to understand male orgasm because they are all the same. But female orgasm is very complicated. A lot of organs like the vulva, the Clitoris and the uterus are involved. They also vary from one woman to the other. For some it is short and intense, for others it might be long and mild.

What arouses sex?
Scientists have tried along the centuries to find out what arouses sex in humans. One of the results of this study is that women’s desire for sex is boosted by male sweat. This is unbelievable. So, gentleman, get sweaty. Exercise more.