How one should dress in hottest fall fashion


hottest-fall-fashion Casual but trendy items

Always pick casual but trendy items. When you do the shopping consider your figure and your size. You will be able to find great fashionable pieces even at a reasonable cost. Always try the outfits, if it looks good on a mannequin, it doesn’t mean that it will look good on you.

Push up jeans

Try the push-up jeans made with the shape fixed material. They are specially designed to neat the thighs, shape the hips and especially slim the tummy. So all the stubborn bulges which can’t be eliminated with exercise this fall, fashion will help to make them invisible.

Buy anti-Cellulite tights

Go for the tights which are treated with the caffeine micro-capsules. They are made with anti-cellulite nylon/spandex material. This material will help you in making unsightly legs and those waves to disappear. This is a must for your fall wardrobe to make sure that fashion trends look like that they are made only for you.

Casual look

As a career wear, be elegant but casual with your career wear. Wear the ideal blouse, which gives you professional looks. Go for the more casual look in the evening when you go out with the friends.

The columbo look

The in-famous trench coat that made Peter falk so well-known for the roll in The Columbo is back and it is really hotter than ever! To give you the facts, different colors and styles of the trench coat were shown in the New York fall fashion show.

Buy a wig

I once met an elderly lady, who told me that every woman should have at least one good suitable wig in her cabinet. I felt that she is right, when I became totally workaholic and it saved my life a lot many times. Invest in a nice and fitted wig that really suits your attire and it will become handy on bad hair days.