How Having Braces Can Effect Self-Esteem in Teenage Girls


Everyone who has ever been a teenage girl, or spent a lot of time with one, knows the ramifications of anything that affects her personal appearance and the direct impact that can have on her self-esteem. It is hard to imagine a seemingly beautiful young girl, feeling bad about herself for something so trivial as having braces, but it happens.

It is a hard time in life for any adolescent, and any flaw to their appearance, no matter how big or small can greatly impact the way they feel about themselves and the way they are perceived by their peers. Girls especially have a lot of self-esteem issues in their teenage years. From pimples, to body images to braces – teenage girls are faced with many causes for having a low self-esteem.

While the long-term effects of having braces are to produce a great smile and straight teeth, the short-term effects of having to wear them for a period of time can be very troubling. Girls have a lot of issues in general with the way they look, their body image and the way that they feel others perceive them. It is no doubt when you look at all the magazines and advertisements boasting beautiful women that seem absolutely flawless, that it is hard for teenage girls with braces to feel good about her.

Not to mention that peers can be very cruel during the junior high and high school phases, and will pick apart any little thing that is not perfect with a person. Learning to deal with this potential cruelty is often difficult for teenage girls, especially when they have a mouthful of metal. Aside from the discomfort of having braces, it makes it hard to want to smile a lot, and when it comes to pictures – trying to get a smile out of a girl with braces can be a very challenging task!

How do girls with braces get over the temporary inconvenience of having to wear them? The best advice is to know that when it is time to get them off, there will be a set of beautiful, straight teeth ready to stun and be shown off. Knowing that, can help get through the agonizing time period when they have to be worn. The end effect is definitely worth it, and knowing how great their smiles will be for the rest of their lives is very worth the short time that it causes an inconvenience.