How about going for a self tanning


It’s a craze for many people that they want to get sun tanned skin. Sun tanning is harmful because you have to remain exposed in the sun for many hours and which is fatal to your skin. UV- rays is extremely bad for skin, it may even lead to cancer. So, if you wanna check out how to get that sun-tanned skin, you have an option and this is a self tanning process. It’s a chemical process of tanning your skin by self application. Though it’s a chemically blended one but there has been no evidence of side affects. It’s easy to use and no fear of side affects too. Buy the products and apply only after taking a proper bath. Clean your body with scrub thoroughly and let it dry.

Before application please ensure to do test wipe and spray to know if you have any reaction from the products. First moisturize your body after the bath and let it dry. The next step is to apply the colour. Use medium shade tanner because it is easier to darken the light skin. Then apply the mixture of self tanner and body lotion in the rough areas. In order to maintain tan don’t forget to apply the layer every three to four days regularly. If this is not done you may not get the desired tanning body.

Apply tanning lotion if you have dry skin. It works perfectly since it maintains the elasticity and longer duration on dry skin. They contain more concentrated pigments to prolong the colour effect. If you have oily skin then tanning gel is the best for this kind of skin. They work smoothly. If you are trying for the first time then take tanning sprays, they are best for the first timer. One can go for tanning mouse, this gives instant gratification. Tanning skin is something really makes you feel go zing so try it I am sure you will like it.