Homemade Beauty Care Recipes


There are women who waste a fortune on brand name beauty products, yet they still cannot achieve the results that homemade beauty care recipes deliver. Loaded with chemicals and preservatives for longer shelf life, brand name products cannot compete with Nature. Already, your skin has to combat with dust, grime and pollution, so why do you want to stress it out even more by using harsh chemicals on your face. Just go out into your garden or raid your kitchen shelves for perfect skin, the envy of all.

Sample a few of the following homemade beauty care recipes, notice the difference they make to your skin, hair and body and you will be a dedicated homemade beauty care convert.

Skin Care
• Witch hazel, the perfect astringent not only cleans the skin but it does so without drying it out.
• Apply mashed banana pulp to the face for 15-minutes, rinse off with cool water. This makes for the best face plumping moisturizer.
• Slough off dead skin and tighten pores with a mix of oatmeal and milk. Apply on a damp facecloth and gently clean your face with it.
• Nothing soothes the eyes than cool cucumber slices placed over them.
• The best remedy for blackheads – tomato pulp works by tauting up the skin.
• Pat cool cucumber juice all over your face and let dry to diminish the appearance of wrinkles.
• Restore the acidity balance of your skin by slathering on a mask of plain yoghurt. Leave on for 15-minutes, rinsing off with cold water.

Body Care

• Milk in your bath water will soften the skin, while adding oatmeal to it will get rid of dry and itchy skin.
• Rub lemon peel on elbows and knees to get rid of dark skin.
• Slough your skin woes away by mixing two cups of raw sugar in16 ounces of lotion or cold cream for the most fabulously affordable sugar body scrub. A great exfoliant, your skin will feel rejuvenated and silky smooth.

Hair Care
• Rinse hair with a mix of one ounce vinegar and one quart distilled water to get rid of excess oil and sebum.
• Make a final rinse of half a cup of lemon juice mixed with one quart cold water to prevent dandruff.

• If, you use tea bags, don’t throw them away after drinking your tea. Place them over tired, puffy eyes for best results.
• Tame unruly eyebrows by using Vaseline to keep them in place.