Home Remedies To Clean Your Jewelry


You have been invited to a grand finale of some awards function and you are running out of time. In such situation you can not approach to jewelry to clean your ornaments and so at this juncture the best thing is do the cleaning process at home by yourself. Your jewelry has not been worn for many days and they have gathered some dust and even have lost the charming.

The best tip is to go for cleaning process. Bright sparks and glittering of ornaments enhance the personality especially to women. They are just jewelry lovers. Before you start the cleaning task make sure that you have brought silver cleaning, brush and so on. The foremost and utmost care should be paid to your stones, see that they are fixed and tighten enough. While you clean your stones can lost so make sure of all these. And also if you are confuse how to clean your types of jewelry just pick up the phone and ring to jewelry experts to tell you.

For your silver, take silver cleaning cloth and shine your silver immediately. It has the anti tarnish which shines the silver quickly.
Use smooth tooth brush to clean the intricate scrollwork of your silver. You can also take detergent in warm water and clean your silver.

Silver cleaning should not be used for cleaning your gemstones as they may get damaged by the chemical reactions.
How to clean your gold jewelry, take your gold jewelry and soak them in Luke warm water mixed with soap and keep for 10 to 15 minutes. Then move them and clean with soft Brussels tooth brush. You can add a drop of ammonia in warm water to remove dirt faster.

Diamond can be cleaned by soaking them in warm water with ammonia and mild detergent. After this gently shrub them with tooth brush and if any stubborn dirt is inside the joint then take a tooth pick to remove.
After diamonds are dried, wipe them gently with soft tissue paper.

Your pearls can be cleaned by soft clean cloths by putting them into soapy water. But you got to be careful while handling them since they are very delicate. Don’t put your pearls directly in soapy water. So , now jewelries are ready to wear and go and flaunt in the party.

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