Home Remedies for UTI

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection is caused by the bacterium that enters through the urethra and procreates in the urinary tract, leading to this painful infection. Though women are more susceptible to this infection,children too, can suffer from it. One must try to take care of this infection at an early stage because if neglected can spread upto the kidneys and affect the health in a negative manner.

In UTI, one feels the constant urge to urinate and this can happen due to sexual intercourse, if one has sex with multiple partners or if one holds back the urge to urinate for long as it leads to the weakening of the bladder. Instead of going in for costly medication one can try some home remedies to treat UTI. But if it is really seriuos and the pain persists, one must consult the doctor. One can treat UTI by drinking lots of water, as it helps in throwing the waste out of the body.

Cranberry juice helps in curing UTI fast and one can also consume it with apple juice. One can drink a mixture of half tsp of baking soda in eight ounce glass of water. This remedy is very useful in the early stages of UTI. One can prepare the oil of sandalwood, tea tree, bergamot, frankincense and juniper, mixed in equal proportions and apply it on the bladder area.

One can continue with this exercise for some days, unless the symptoms of UTI start reducing. In addition to that one must increase the consumption of vitamin C in one’s diet. It is importnat that the UTI patient consumes healthy balanced diet rich in minerals and vitamins. This can be done by adding fresh fruits, vegatables and milk to one’s diet. Also one must avoid food products like cheese, alochol, caffeine, chocoloates, carbonated drinks, spicy food and anything with artificial sweetner in it.

Placing a heating pad on the lower abdominal area can relief one of the pain. Also, it is advised to wear comfortable and loose clothes as tight clothes and undergraments can increase the risk of multiplying the infection. In addition to this, one should never supress the urge to urinate and must wash the genital area after sexual intercourse.

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