Home Remedies For Joint Pain

Home Remedies For Joint Pain

Home Remedies For Joint Pain

Joint pain can happen due to some injury or due to some medical condition. It is one of the symptoms of arthritis and can also happen due to the inflammation of bursitis. Joint strain and tendinitis can also lead to joint pain. Joint pain can be cured naturally by adopting some home based remedies.

Joint pain can be treated by warm bath and a good massage that can be done with any good oil. Garlic cloves when fried in butter and consumed can also relieve one from joint pain. Warm water taken three times a day, with half a tea spoon of turmeric powder, can treat the joint pain as well as arthritis positively. Turmeric powder when taken in warm milk can treat all kinds of body pains. Papaya seed tea, when consumed regularly, six- seven times a day for at least three weeks, can relieve one of joint pain.

Carrot juice

One can consume a chapatti made from roasted gram flour to treat joint pain. Porridge made from winter cherry, ghee and molasses, when eaten for a span of 15 days, with empty stomach early in the morning, can prove out to be a good home based remedy for joint pain. Try eating fruits that provide natural strength and grease to the joints. Bananas and Carrot juice provide natural strength to the ligaments.


Carrot juice when mixed with lemon juice in equal proportion and a tea spoon is taken every day, can heal the joint pain. One can also rub the joints with hot vinegar before going to the bed. Apple cider vinegar can be used as a home remedy for joint pain. Two teaspoon of it can be mixed with two tea spoons of honey in warm water and be consumed for relief. In addition to this, drinking of plenty of water and some exercises and specific yoga asanas can help one in treating the joint ache.

Omega- 3 fatty acids

Oils rich in vitamins and Omega- 3 fatty acids are beneficial for body when it comes to joint pain, hence must me made a part of the regular diet. Massage with arthcare oil or olive oil can be a good remedy. Mixture of one tea spoon of camphor oil and sunflower oil, when used for massage gives relief from joint pain.