4 Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Everyone wants to possess long, shiny and healthy hairPrior to the onslaught of numerous hair care products, people used to prepare them using ingredients commonly available in their kitchens. One of the advantages of a home made hair care product is that there are no side-effects. Moreover, with home remedies, not only hair growth can be achieved easily but also health of the hair can be vastly improved.

Point Of Caution

Before trying out any home remedy for hair growth, it is advisable to test it on your skin or hair to find out if it causes irritation or not.

Natural Hair Conditioners

Aloe Vera For Hair Growth

Majority of the people use artificial hair conditioners available in the market. However, nature has provided us with multiple natural conditioners that not only condition and cure our hair of ailments but are also free from side effects. For instance, raw gel of Aloe Vera, curd and white portion of the egg have proved to extremely good natural hair conditioners. There are different types of hair. The best part is that the natural ingredients available in your home can be applied on any type of hair. There are several types of oil which can be applied even on oily air to provide natural conditioning.

Olive Oil For Hair Growth

For instance, lavender and olive oil not only provides conditioning to hair but also makes them stronger. In addition to it, they also provide suitable nourishment to your hair, thereby stimulating fast growth of hair. Take few drops of oil of your choice and start rubbing it down on scalp prior to rinsing hair.

Honey For Hair Growth

Honey is a recognized rejuvenating agent. It can be applied on dry hair to provide adequate nutrition. Furthermore, honey also possesses antiseptic as well as therapeutic qualities. Mix half spoon of honey in lukewarm water and keep on mixing it till it gets dissolved completely. Apply it as a hair tonic after you have washed your hair.

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Lemon Juice For Hair Growth

Besides providing your hair with all essential nutrients, it becomes prudent enough to make your hair glow. For this purpose there is an instant hair glow remedy. Take one egg and extract its white portion only. Mix two tablespoon raw lemon juice in it. Judder it well. Put the mixture on your hair evenly. Remember not to apply the mixture on scalp. After few minutes, wash it with normal water. Give your hair another wash after thirty minutes. Take small amount of vinegar and mix it in a small bowl with raw lemon fluid. Mix it well.

Apply the mixture on the head and massage your scalp. Let the concoction remain on scalp for maximum of fifteen to twenty minutes. It will not only clean the scalp from leftover particles but will also remove dandruff which is one of the major hair problemsGet knots out of your hair by combing them with a good quality comb. It also very important to maintain hygienic condition of combs or brushes so as to avoid occurrence of any sought of infection.