Home Remedies for Chilblain


What is Chilblain?
A chilblain is an itchy swelling with red or blue color and is small; this mainly occurs in winter and mostly affects toes, fingers, nose and face. This normally occurs after been having exposed to the cold for a number of hours in winter. The symptoms initially are itching/ burning.

What causes chilblain?
In cold climates, oxygen requirement is high. However, in extreme cold, vasoconstriction occurs; this means that the diameter of the blood vessels decreases thereby decreasing the quantity of blood flow through the blood vessels. This causes tissue damage.

The normal causes for chilblain are heredity, poor blood circulation, anemia, changes in hormones and certain tissue disorders. The risk increases if your living environment is damp.

Precautions and Simple Treatments

•    Keep your hands and feet warm by wearing socks/gloves; retain your body heat by wearing clothing with a number of layers.

•    Soak hands as well as feet in marigold flower extract with salt.

•    The part of the body having chilblains should be kept at elevated levels to reduce swelling.

•    Do not scratch the affected area; treat with anti-itch creams and calamine lotion. Keep your toes/ fingers warm.

•    Wear proper protective clothing for cold to prevent chilblain.

Home Remedies for Treating Chilblain
The following are the home remedies for Chilblain. You must understand that it is better to prevent a disease than to cure it. Avoid smoking, protect with warm clothes, keep yourself dry and be on the move.

•    Onion – cut an onion into slices and keep the slice on the chilblains until the onion juice soaks the skin fully; the itching severity is reduced immediately and hence the chilblain. Use it regularly in winter.

•    Egg with Honey – Mix flour, honey, egg white and glycerin to form a paste; apply it on the affected area. Wash off after six to eight hours.

•    Potato – Cut a potato into slices; add a little salt and rub it on the chilblain.

•    Massage regularly – improve blood circulation on your feet and hands by massaging with warm vegetable oil in winter. Cup discarded lemon halves around your toes/ fingers; rub for some time and wash using warm water.

•    Black peppercorns and sesame/mustard seed oil – fry ground peppercorns in sesame/mustard oil,decant it and use the oil for massaging.

•    Garlic Juice – Mix fresh garlic juice with warm oil and apply on the affected area; then rinse your hands using warm water.

Treatment in case the chilblain is severe
This requires a professional service from either a podiatrist or doctor who is qualified. If you have diabetes, consult a doctor.

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