Home Makeover : Tips for the Summer Season

Home Makeover

Come summer and the heat starts to get on our nerves. With days filled with sweat, grime, and the scorching heat of the summer sun, it gets hard for us to even go through our daily routine. One way to make things look and feel better would be to give your home a summer makeover.

With all the correct moves and decorations, you can make your house look warm, appreciating and most important of all, livable under the summer sun.

Most of us would find it hard to give a complete makeover which means changing the furniture, fixtures and the interiors. However, there are a few tricks that can enable you to get the best look off your home without needing a drastic change in ambience.

Colors for Walls: You don’t need to repaint the entire house. Choose a particular wall in the common hall or the guestroom. Paint it with a contrasting color of your choice, but don’t choose a color that doesn’t blend in with the other colors in the house.

Once you have painted the wall, try to highlight it with some decorations. You can opt for floral stencil work which you can get from a local paint store. Alternatively, you can opt to hang some of your favorite pictures on the wall in a diagonal manner.

Collage work also helps and you can create a collage with your favorite pictures with wordings underneath to describe them and hang it up on the wall.

You can also opt for readymade products which may include a wooden shelf (which you can fill with assorted items) or a thin mattress with colorful cushions placed beneath the wall.

Drapes: Summer is the best time to open that window and let the sunshine come in. Remove dull and dark colored drapes and go in for lighter colors like citrus orange, canary yellow or green with some floral prints on them.

If you choose to retain the dark colors, choose a contrasting window accent like a vase or a flower pot and place it near the curtain to accentuate the effect.

Change of furniture: Now we know this is the hardest part of all. Moving furniture around the house in par with every season becomes a hurdle and most of us tend to leave out the option for fear of breaking something in the process.

However, if you have a store room in the house, you can move all of your furniture into it till the summer ends. Antique furniture tends to give a dull look to the overall atmosphere and you can opt for low seating instead.

A better option would be to use mats or thin mattresses in the living rooms for a casual laid back touch. Highlight the mattresses with colorful cushions to give a chic look.

If you find it hard to move furniture around the house or don’t have a room to store them, here’s what you can possibly do. Opt for light colored covers, quilts and sheets to lighten up dark couches and sofas. Place brightly colored throw pillows around the couches.

Yet another option would be to don your painter’s hat and get to work transforming the dull pieces of furniture in your house into creative masterpieces. You can paint floral designs on otherwise plain furniture like the surface of a table. Desks, chairs and cupboards also fall into the picture and you are sure to get wonderful comments on your artistic work.

Decorating the garden or terrace area: If you happen to be a few of those lucky people who have their own terrace or garden area in their homes, you can turn it into a summer resort. This idea is sure to delight your spouse and kids, and you get all the compliments for it.

Buy a variety of potted plants from the market and line your terrace or garden with them. Make sure to choose ones that have brightly colored flowers. If you are decorating your garden, choose a nice spot under a tree and arrange some lounge seats and an umbrella for a beach effect.

You can get inflatable swimming pools in the market. Get one in accordance with the size of your terrace or garden, inflate it, fill it up with water and lo behold! You have your exclusive summer resort right at home! Beats traveling in the heat, right.

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