Home Decor-Home Interior Decorating Ideas


Buying a house may be done easily, but decorating your home according to your taste is a difficult task. First you should know where to start. An interior decorator can help you, but then doing your own home is fun, and it imprints your personality. Because how a home is decorated reflects the personality of the owner, a personal touch is very important. When decorating your home, a lot of thought should be given to comfort, ambience, functionality, etc. Before starting you have to do a lot of planning.

The most important thing to think of is the budget. Decide the uses of the rooms and who is going to use the rooms. Are you going to decorate just a room or two, or the whole house? Is any specific decoration required for the children’s rooms? Do you need to buy new furniture, or can the old furniture be rearranged? Do you prefer any specific look or style or effect? Do you prefer high maintenance or low maintenance interiors? Can the things which are not in use be converted to be useful, like making a vase from an unused lamp, etc?  Where can you display your collections like books, stones, shells, musical instruments, etc?

Once you get an idea about this, think about other things regarding home decoration.

What are your plans regarding the flooring? What tiles do you prefer? What color combinations do you prefer? Light colors or bold colors? Would you like any special effects or any special themes? You can get ideas from photographs and interior decorator books. What about the lighting arrangements? A variety of lighting appliances are available in the shops. Usually bright lights are used in the kitchen and bathrooms and the living room has softer lighting. You can also illuminate your special collections that are displayed. You have to decide about the wall fittings, bathroom fittings and tiles, the furniture needed, the sofa covers and bed covers and curtains.

The furniture and accessories should go well with the theme you have in mind. You can use one particular theme or have different themes for different rooms. That would be better and fun.

Remember, don’t be in a hurry and do the interior decoration all at once. Take your own time and do it slowly. It will give you better ideas and make your house more beautiful.

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