Holistic Treatments & Essential Oils To Cure PCOS

Holistic Treatments & Essential Oils To Cure PCOS

Holistic Treatments & Essential Oils To Cure PCOS

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is one of the commonest endocrine disorders found in women. It is caused by the imbalance of important sex hormones in females with further consequences like irregular menstrual cycle, cyst formation in ovary and trouble to get pregnant.Common symptoms of PCOS include amenorrhea (no menstruation) or oligo-menorrhea (irregular menstruation), enlarged clitoris, reduced breast sizes, increase in body hair (in chest, face and abdomen), loss of hair or masculine patterned baldness and high insulin sensitivity.

According to various clinical researches conducted over the past years, it has been evident that apart from the regular allopathic treatments, there are certain natural ways to treat PCOS. Although doctors have stated that there is no single method of treating this disorder but of late holistic treatmentsare being used to combat it effectively. Studies have shown that people who have used alternative treatment have benefitted from it.

How Holistic Treatments & Essential Oils Helps To Treat PCOS

Weight Loss In A Natural Way

Excess weight gain often causes hormonal imbalances which in turn triggers PCOS symptoms. Hence losing the excess flab naturally is one of the best ways to reduce this disorder. Research has shown that at least 5% of the total body weight loss helps to control diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

exercising regularly

Now the best way to lose weight is eating healthy and exercising regularly. Specially formulated PCOS diet plans are available which boosts the rate of normal ovulation and reduces chances of miscarriage. Resort to a healthy lifestyle and PCOS diet to get desired results.

Aromatherapy With Essential Oils

Aromatherapy has helped countless women to combat PCOS. In Aromatherapy, various essential oilsare used to eliminate stress, help the nerves to relax and bring back the hormonal balance in body. These concentrated pure oils extracted from plants are used in health products and therapeutic massage oils.

Aromatherapy With Essential Oils

They can be either inhaled or applied on the skin. Combination of Clary sage, Geranium and Jasmine oil is known helps to combat PCOS effectively. Geranium is known for its hormone balancing properties which is effective in the treatment for infertility and infrequent menstruation.

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Lavender oil is a stress reliever that calms down nerves and soothes the body. You can add a few drops of these essential oils to your bathing water and watch the healing effects shortly.

Apple Cider Vinegar Therapy

Apple cider vinegar has several curative effects on human body of which the most important is its blood sugar management properties. According to the Nutrition Department of Arizona State University, diabetic people will experience a significant reduction in their blood sugar levels after consumption of apple cider vinegar. It also contains certain weight loss properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Other effective methods to treat PCOS include acupuncture, consumption of green tea, ginseng and many more. As a matter of fact, if one can incorporate one or more approaches in her lifestyle, she is likely to get rid of this syndrome sooner. If you too have an effective tip to combat PCOS, feel free to share it with us!