Holiday Makeup Looks


Holiday makeup looks are special and never normal. Two looks are classic and hot right now: The Smokey, shimmer eye paired with light lips and the deep red lips balanced with a light eye. Shimmer is in this year, as it was last year, and it’s the perfect festive look as long as you don’t overload on the shimmer. In general, most holiday events happen in the evening. Even if they don’t, as special engagements, you can follow the basic evening makeup advice.

Gold is the color for true holiday glamour and sparkle. Warm up a cold season by enriching your makeup colors with a little extra gold. Play up your cheeks and lips with zesty citrus. Place a sparkly gold polish on fingers and toes. Spray a little gold glitter into your hair. Find a few ways to sneak gold in to your makeup color assortment and enhance new situations or tender candlelight moments. For an all over gold shine, mix some liquid gold shimmer into your normal foundation.

You can also add it to face cream or body lotion for a more complete look. For the ultimate in glamour, outline eyes with smooth silk eye pencil in silver and paint nails with fluid shine nail polish in sumptuous dark red. For perfect seductive skin, look no further than the two collectible black gem palettes featuring, on the top, a shimmering compact cream highlighter for cheekbones and, on the bottom, two brush-on powder blushes engraved with the Giorgio Armani monogram.

Black gem palette light contains cool shades for light to medium skin, black gem palette dark warm shades for medium to dark skin. Black gem shine lipstick comes in a precious matte black case embellished with crystals and black lacquer flowers. On the other hand, the essence of an evening look is to darken up your favorite daytime colors. In general, there is no need to take a step away from your own personality just to look spruced up.

If you are most comfortable in your current look, enhancing it for a little extra evening contrast creates a nice holiday makeup presentation. You also need to add some mystic to your persona? Nothing is more mysterious than dark eyes with nude lips. Draw your date in with eyes that are rich and deep. Use a little metallic grey or charcoal liner and completely encircle the eye. Finish up with dark mascara and a well groomed brow line.