Hives in Pregnancy


Pregnancy and Hives

Women tend to be more afflicted by Hives than men, even as Hives is an embarrassing itching or burning sensation on the skin. Though not all pregnant women are afflicted by Hives when they are pregnant, there are some cases in which Hives can attack females.

Being an allergic condition, resulting in welts of pale or red color on your skin, Hives changes its place on the body continuously and appears in fresh places. Hives usually are seen in clusters, and also are known to change shape and location on your body. The favorite place for Hives is legs, back and arms.

Hives not harmful

Save for itching which can be irritating, Hives affliction during pregnancy is not dangerous to mother or the baby. Pregnant women can experience Hives as their womb size increases because the skin on their tummy can become dry and thinner, resulting in Hives.

In these instances, Hives appears on abdomen, breasts and back of legs. The dryness of your skin due to hormonal production in increased quantities can stimulate the skin, causing itching.


Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy (PUPPP) is something like Hives afflicting women who are pregnant. Though Hives are harmless, when they appear in genital parts, it would be better to consult a medical expert.

Hives that have appeared during pregnancy don’t last long and will disappear soon. During the first pregnancy, they are very common. If the woman is having twins the possibility of Hives appearing on the skin will be more.

Though the real reason for the relationship between pregnancy and Hives is not known, some factors can cause onset of Hives. Most importantly because of imbalance between Estrogen and Progesterone hormones, the condition is triggered by the IgE antibodies produced in the blood, which bind along the skin’s mast cells, resulting in increased histamine production.

Hives can be treated with some anti-histamine medicines like Zytec or Atarax. Medical profession usually does not recommend drugs like Claritin and Benadryl during the first three months of pregnancy.

Hives can be treated with lotions of Calamine, which brings lot of relief. When the condition is severe, you can be prescribed some steroids by the doctor, to be taken orally.