HIV Facts and Myths Unraveled

Aids or acquired immune deficiency syndrome is spreading to all parts of the world like an epidemic. It is a disease which makes the immune system of a person inefficient, progressively reducing the body’s ability to fight external antigen attacks with time. This disease is caused by human immunodeficiency virus or HIV. In such a condition, a person’s body becomes vulnerable to all kinds of infections, diseases and tumors.

HIV facts:
The HIV virus gets transmitted when the blood stream or the mucus membrane of a healthy individual comes in contact with a bodily fluid containing HIV.

HIV can transfer from an HIV infected person to a non-infected one during unprotected sex. The chances of transmission are less during oral sex than sexual intercourse. It is important to get ones partner tested of HIV and also practice safe sex.

The virus can also get communicated from an HIV Infected mother to her child either during pregnancy, childbirth or breast feeding. Therefore, a pregnant woman should always be tested of HIV before delivery.

Another way of transference is by sharing of a syringe with an HIV-infected person used in hospitals or for piercing, tattooing, taking drugs etc. One should always take care that if one is to be injected for any reason anywhere, the syringe should always be opened from a new pack in front of you.

HIV myths
A most popular myth is that an HIV infected person does not live long; merely weeks or months. However, today, an HIV positive patient can live a happy, normal and healthy life for years with regular medications and treatment programs; and by taking some extra care and with understanding of the disease.

Also, many people also believe that there is a cure to HIV and aids. Lots of efforts are being made to discover HIV vaccinations and cures. However, the sad truth is that presently there are no such treatments that can cure an HIV infected person.

Moreover, most People believe that one does not need condoms to have oral sex. But, condom needs to be used every time one has a sexual encounter, whether oral, vaginal or anal.

Furthermore, many old aged people believe that HIV cannot affect people above the age of fifty. The truth is that this virus can affect any individual irrespective of color, religion or age.