Herbs for Heart


The heart is the vital organ in the human physical structure, although sometimes we don’t take great care of it. We abuse this vital organ by smoking, wasting our life by a sedentary style and consuming all kinds of junk food. Often our hearts withstands this and continues to function.

Although we cannot mend it completely when it becomes damaged or weakened through abuse, we can still control the damage by using natural herbs to help ease the ailments and help it to function to the best of its ability.

First off we should ensure that our heart pumps blood effectively. Herbs can help the heart to maintain good blood circulation in the body, and remove any obstacles in its way.  Importantly, a balanced diet consisting of fruits and lots of green vegetables, washed down with lots of water into our system and a regular exercise regime will help the heart  to function properly.

Herbs in particular are known to help problems connected with blood circulation, especially to the far end parts like arms, legs, fingers and toes. Herbs also improve the blood vessels’ functioning. For instance, garlic, allium Sativa, can protect our body from     the slowing down of cardiovascular activities. Garlic goes a long way in preventing plaque forming in the veins.

Garlic can also act as an anti-ageing supplement because it can ensure proper blood circulation, the maintenance of healthy blood pressure and the regulation of the heartbeat.

Similarly valerian can keep the heart calm and is useful in treating disorders of the nerves, as well as lowering hyperacidity and high blood pressure. This natural herb can improve   sleeplessness, ease headaches and anxiety.

Hawthorn plant, for instance, is an antioxidant, and can help bring relief in atherosclerosis. This plant extract is known to dilate blood vessels helping blood circulation through the body, and particularly in the heart. Since this natural herb can influence calcium levels it can help the heart function efficiently and reduce spasms in those suffering from heart ailments.

Cayenne, like garlic or hawthorn shrub, is effective in reducing cholesterol levels and reduces the chances of blood clots by helping veins, capillaries and arteries get back their elasticity. Herbs can help your heart improve its performance.


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