Herbal Treatment for Breast Cancer


Among all the cancerous conditions affecting women, breast cancer is prevalent in large proportion all over America and across the globe. The mode of treatment for this disease is usually radiation, chemotherapy and of course, surgical intervention, which depends on the disease’s spread in the breasts.

These days’ women are opting out of surgical intervention and choosing natural treatments, with radiation and/or chemotherapy. Natural remedies alone can also cure. The following natural herbs are presently used in treating breast cancer, which has given encouraging results.

To attack the cancer, the immunity in the body is first given a boost, through such herbs like Maitake Mushrooms, Astragalus Root, Ginseng, and Echinacea. Similarly, Red Clover, Black Cohosh, Turmeric, Chasteberry are used because of their Phyto-estrogen content.

This is Estrogen-kind, which blocks damage-causing Estrogens, masking themselves as Estrogens and preventing the Estrogen from residing in the breast cell receptors. Chasteberry will also inhibit the breast cancer cells growth.

Similarly, Milk Thistle’s extract, Silymarin, which is also an antioxidant, can fight breast cancer effectively. Besides, it also protects Liver.

You can also include certain nutrients which can fight the cancer, including Garlic, Onions and Green Tea. Garlic contains Allyl Sulfur, which can inhibit development of cancer cells.

Through its antioxidant qualities, Green Tea can stimulate immunity and it can be taken either as tea or as a capsule. Other natural plants like Don Quai, Bloodroot, Mandrake and Juniper can also reduce cell growth in breast cancer patients.

The other power-laden antioxidant is Burdock Root. It controls mutation of cells and protects people from cancer, apart from eliminating toxins, purifying blood, and enhancing digestive and immune processes.

You can also make topical applications at home to treat the breast cancer. These creams are prepared from herbal extracts and can effectively separate the tumor from tissues supporting them.

These creams are topically applied on skin over the tumor or over internal tumors. Though the components vary, these are usually mixed in oil-base, like Olive Oil, bees wax, pine tar or Butter.

All these help the components to penetrate deep into the skin. The ingredients are usually Cleavers Herb, Bloodroot, Chickweed, Lobelia, DMSO, Chaparral, Irish Moss, Cayenne, Marshmallow, Comfrey, Birch Bark and Myrrh,

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