Healthy Tan by Spray Tan


spaytan A nice tan makes you look healthy and confident, but we’re all aware of the dangers of UV rays.  Even tanning beds are not a completely safe alternative. 

You want a healthy, radiant glow, but you don’t want to subject your skin to the damage caused by too much sun.  Or maybe you want a tan now, for that special event, and you don’t have much time.  A spray tan may be a good option for you.

Test it

Different people have different reactions to the chemicals used in spray tans, so you should take the time, to experiment on your own skin.  A few weeks before you get your tan for the first time, be sure to have just a small area of skin treated with the chemicals in the spray tan. This will help ensure there are no side effects.

Stay natural

Try and keep your tan looking natural.  It may be tempting to go very dark, but you should really choose a tan that is very close to your skin tone.  Going up just one shade darker will help guarantee that the tan looks natural.

You want people noticing your healthy glow, not your extreme tan.  Tans with bronzers tend to seep into your pores and can even leave permanent stains on your clothing.  Because of this, choose a product that has very little bronzer, or even none at all.

Ready your skin

Prepare your skin before you tan.  Moisturize and exfoliate, so your pores are closed before the tan is applied.  Make sure your skin is clean and dry on the day you go in for you tan application.

Pulling your hair back will keep it out of the way during tanning and prevent any product from getting on it.  Buy some touch up cream when you get your tan.  This will give you a way to ensure your tan stays looking good between professional visits.

Shop around

Remember, there is a large variety of spray tans available.  If you find that the type your salon uses causes any irritation to your skin, then don’t hesitate to look around to find another one that is more suitable.