Healthy Eating With Citrus Fruits


Healthy eating diets which contain citrus fruits give a lot of benefits. Citrus fruits are one of the few food groups with so much health benefits to the eater. There are a number of important vitamins and minerals in addition to fibre.

They are not expensive, but they are available and can be found in most grocery stores, even during winter. Even if they are out of season in your local area or country, they could be shipped from elsewhere. They can be eaten anytime, with breakfast, lunch and supper.

Nutritional Content of Citrus fruits

It will be impossible to list all the many important vitamins and minerals that could be found in citrus fruits. Citrus fruits provide proof for the fact that fresh fruits and vegetables are better sources of complete nutrition than supplements.

Some of the vitamins and minerals in citrus fruits have been identified and synthesized, but there are a lot more others especially micronutrients and trace minerals which have not been identified. There can never be a pharmacological substitute for healthy living. Some of the known nutrients are as follows.

Vitamin C

This is probably the most important and the most known nutrient that is found in citrus fruits such as oranges and grape fruits. Vitamin C helps to keep the body healthy as it plays a major role in the body’s defence system. It helps in protecting the body cells from the effects of free radicals. Since it is water soluble, it is necessary to eat foods containing vitamin C daily. This is possible by the consumption of citrus fruits.

Folic Acid

Another important benefit of eating citrus fruits is that it contains folic acid which is important in the prevention of many neural cord defects like spinal bifida when taken during pregnancy. That is why folic acid is added to every food like bread and cereals. One rich source of folic acid is citrus fruits.


Most people think potassium is only found in banana. But many citrus fruits contain a lot of potassium. Potassium helps in regulating bodily fluids and also helps in the absorption of other nutrients.

The above advantages make the consumption of citrus fruits very important.

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