Healthy Desserts


DESSERTS are the dishes or meals taken after the main course and are usually sweet. They can be ice cream, pastry or fruit. Healthy desserts are desserts which are low in sugar content, low in calories and also low in fats. The type of dessert to take depends on the season as well as the type of the meal. After a heavy meal, desserts like mousse and sorbet are mostly recommended and after lighter meal rich desserts such as cheesecake would be best. Examples of healthy desserts include angel food cake, peeled apples baked with small amount of honey and also rice pudding. The following are some few recipes of healthy desserts.

? Lemon Ice
This dessert is absolutely sugar free and can be prepared in 60minutes or less. It has got the following ingredients

1cup of water
3cups of ice cubs
1-12 ounce can of frozen lemonade

Process all the ingredients in a food processor until smooth and then put into a pan and freeze for 40minutes.Put the mixture back again into the food processor and mix again until smooth.Finaly leave for about 8 hours in the freezer and use a spoon or fork to scrape before you serve

? Watermelon frappe
This type of dessert only uses the natural sugars of the watermelon, there is no need to add more sugar and can be prepared in 5 minutes. Use the following ingredients

10mint leaves
4 cups of cold watermelon chunks

Put one chunk at a time into a blender until they integrate well. Add the mint and run into blender at medium speed and then strain into bowl. Pour into glasses and garnish with a sprig of mint. It’s now ready to serve

The mousse is very healthy since it is not full of the cream and egg York. It can be prepared in 20minutes but will need 3 hours of chilling. The following ingredients are required

3egg whites
8oz extra firm silken tofu
5oz dark organic chocolate
3TBSflorida crystals sugar

Chocolate and sugar need to be first melted in a double boiler, stirring constantly. Now puree in blender sugar, chocolate and tofu. You must frequently stop and scrap the insides of the blender. Next beat the egg whites in a separate bowl until semi stiff and then fold egg whites into the chocolate, tofu puree 1/3 of amount at a time. Be careful not to over mix.
Then refrigerate for 8hours for a delicious dessert

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