Health Benefits of Meditation


When you sleep, your body and mind get rejuvenated so that you become ready for the next day. Meditation is something like it. You relax and clear your mind. Meditation is like a sleep, but for your mind.

You can draw various benefits out of meditation, if you keep to it regularly.

Stabilises the autonomous nervous system

Meditation causes your entire nervous system to relax. Alpha waves are evident during most forms of meditation. These brain waves are related to the relaxation of the entire nervous system.

Increases concentration and depth of awareness

Meditation causes increase in self esteem, spontaneity and even creativity. Problem solving ability, self-confidence has also seen to be increased in meditators. These individuals have an overall positive and harmonious influence.

It slows the heart

The heart rate reduces during mediation. It becomes even lower than it is when resting. However, it does not affect the alertness or arousal when out of meditation.

It slows down breathing

This causes your body to relax.

Blood pressure reduces

People who are normally hypertensive can lower their blood pressure through meditation.

It relieves cardiovascular disease

It provides relief in certain forms of cardiovascular diseases and promotes health.

It reduces anxiety

It increases the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). This results in a decrease in anxiety.

It improves digestion

It improves the stomach function and bowel function. It relaxes the abdominal muscles and hence, better bowel activity.

Your energy level and vitality increase

If you meditate deeply for a few minutes at the start of the day, you can determine the direction of the day. You take control of your life and manage stress effectively.

You become more stable

Meditation reduces stress and even stress-related symptoms. It develops internal health and improves the overall stability of the individual.

Even your weight gets stabilised at an ordinary level. Healthy conditions of the mind are restored and any unhealthy eating habits are rid off.

Sleep becomes better

You will take less time to fall asleep and when you do fall asleep, you will be able to sleep peacefully. This will rest your body perfectly and prepare you for the next day.

Other benefits

It also helps to reduce menstruation pains. It increases the reaction-speed as well as strength and resistance.